Monday, April 2, 2012

A very fast noodle feast!

I recently made a discovery - to do with seasoning. I sometimes find it hard to come up with ideas to make things tasty without having to throw a jar of something on top of the main ingredients.  But then I discovered that soy sauce and ground black pepper make an excellent combination. Which led to this little dish that is now one of my favourite and quickest ever meals to throw together. 

It's basically peppery noodles and veg. You can put in any vegetable ingredients, but to make it quick & speed up cooking time I think mushrooms, a green pepper and spring onions are a good choice. I added in some small bits of broccoli this time.  

All you need to do is...

  • Heat some olive oil
  • Chop up the veg

  • Put the veg in the wok 
  • Add some freshly ground black pepper (add as much as you like, the more the hotter!)
  • Add some soy sauce (you can add even more later if you need to)

  • Cook for a few minutes
  • Add some 'straight to wok' noodles for a couple of minutes (You could also use normal noodles that you've to cook first but obviously that'll take longer!)

Thats's it! Only a few minutes and now you have peppery veg noodles!

I like this meal for a couple of reasons, one being it only takes ten minutes (max) to make and the other is that it allows me to use my silly oversized wok. I recently burned and destroyed our old one and when I dragged my husband along to shop for a new one I set my eyes on this monstrosity. Now, in the shop it didn't look that big compared to others, and it had lots of qualities including a guarantee which I saw as a challenge to my burning skills. Anyway, my lovely husband did point out that it was enormous, had two handles and was bigger than any of the presses in our kitchen, but all I could see was the massive potential to make stir fries in! So, now I have this great giant wok and it doesn't fit in any of our cupboards. It doesn't even fit in the sink and that makes washing up a bit tricky. But I still love it and am determined to come up with many more uses for it!


  1. This looks tasty, but sounds really easy to do (and fast). I will keep this one in mind when I need to make something fast for dinner..thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hi Magie, yeah I like this because it's so quick to throw together!

  2. A lovely simple dish, Clare! You'll have to invite around a crowd, to make good use of your wok :)Also I love your bowl!

    1. Thanks Nessa, I really need to find some good recipes to make use of the wok :-)

  3. Also sesame oil! Soy sauce + sesame oil + garlic = instant flavor. We do a variation on this pretty regularly that we add to chicken broth and call it "slurp slurp"! Lol.

    1. Hi Meghan, oh I must give that a try, sounds like it could be really nice. Thanks for the tip!