Thursday, April 26, 2012

China Cabinet Revamp!

Recently I've been moving furniture around. I always seem a bit short on space, probably because I have hardly any. I'm really looking forward to the day when I have a walk-in-wardrobe and another  separate one just for shoes! But in the meantime I'm making the most of my lovely little home. I actually really like it, it is small but I get to to share it with my husband and there's no one else I'd rather be living in such a tiny enclosure with!

So anyway, after my most recent furniture move, when I moved a big bookcase/shelving unit from our bedroom into the other room, I was left with a bit of space that I needed to fill.  I was on the lookout for a glass press type thing. I wanted something to put lovely things in, like jewellery and stuff so I could see them and they wouldn't get dusty by just being left  out on a shelf or dressing table.  I had set my eyes on a big glass unit I saw in IKEA and I'm sure I would have been quite content with it. But something was telling me not to get it. So, I decided to have a think and a look around. I do love IKEA but I kinda hate the fact that everything is so mass produced and well, it's not very individual!

Then, a few Sundays ago I went to a furniture-antiquey-random-shop-place with my parents and that's when I spotted this beauty. I think they were both a bit surprised that I got so excited over a piece of old worn  furniture, but I could see the potential straight away!  I sent my husband a photo of it from my phone. He wasn't very impressed. I then told him it was a sixth of the price of the IKEA thing I was looking at, and he quickly changed his mind! So I couldn't take it home with me that day as it wouldn't fit in the car with my parents and me in the back. And my mam wasn't impressed when I suggested she get the bus. (Joke! I'd hardly do that!) 

I decided to bring  it to my parents for the renovation work as they have a garden and space!

It didn't take me too long to figure out the colour scheme. I knew I wanted something bright and I do like green. The colour I eventually went for was Farrow and Ball paint called Teresa's Green, which I thought was perfect!  I couldn't see any amazing wallpaper in the shops so I moved my search online and  I eventually found the pink polka dot one from a company in the UK. I loved it straight away! The paint and wallpaper actually cost more than the cabinet but I still have lots left which I intend to do something fabulous with, so it's all good! 

This was the first time I've ever really done anything with paint and furniture and I feel I've learned quite a lot! I've learned that there are oil and water based paints and your undercoat needs to be the same type as your actual paint. Of course I found this out after I bought the wrong one. But anyway!  I also went to the DIY place on my own and was very proud of myself when I was standing at the till with my arms full of paintbrushes and some varnish remover thing. 

I had intended to do all the work myself too. But because I left the cabinet in my parents for a while without doing anything, my Dad started removing the old varnish. Then I came over one Saturday armed with my paint and my husband and together we started sanding it. I really enjoyed that but after about half an hour I had to leave. I'd a very important prior arrangement - I was going to see Legally Blonde The Musical! And it was amazing! Go see it if it's still on!   By the time I came back, wearing my Bruiser t-shirt,  the cabinet had been painted! I was delighted and loved the colour. And I was glad to see my husband can be quite the handy man when he puts his mind to it!

I had to wait a couple of days for the wallpaper to arrive in the post and when it did I dropped it to my Mam and Dad's for the final stage of the revamp. Anyway, I couldn't do the wallpapering straight away, (I was busy with work!) but then when I came back a few days later I was pleasantly surprised to see it had been magically done in my absence! Yep, my Dad did it in a few hours! I was so happy, I mean I had planned to do it but I've never wallpapered anything in my life and I'm sure I would have made a mess of it. And my Dad did it so neatly! 

So thanks to the two men in my life, my vision for the old granny china cabinet came to life as a lovely new revamped display unit. (I think I'm better acting as the creative director on projects like this as opposed to doing the real manual labour! ) I now have it stocked full of bits of jewellery, my favourite handbag and some shoes, including my wedding ones, which I love but probably wont ever wear again. So at least now I get to actually look at and admire them on a daily basis! 

I really love how the cabinet turned out. My husband said "it's a bit girly", but I reminded him I am one! I mean really


  1. it's so pretty - you've done a lovely job - that pink paper really lifts it!

  2. What a is just stunning! I love the paint colour and the pretty wallpaper. That was nice of you Dad and Hubby to help as well :)
    I can relate on the small house as well..mine is teeny tiny, so I also have to try and make the most out every inch of it. I do enjoy it though (despite it being the size of a postal stamp :P). I call it cosy :)
    Have a lovely weekend

    1. Oh thanks Magie, yeah cosy is the right word for it! :-)

  3. You did an amazing job,it is beautiful. If you ever get a chance to use Anne Sloan chalk paint do!
    There is no sanding or priming before you paint. Its super easy to use. Thanks for linking up to Friday Pretties.


    1. Thanks Sherrie, I must try that chalk paint. I like the sound of that!

  4. What a pretty piece this is now! Your Dad and DH are good guys to have around! :-)

    1. Thanks! Yeah they are handy to have around at times :-)