Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is in the air, put flowers in your hair!

I love this time of year, it's so nice out and although it's only the start of Spring I think it feels like the start of Summer. Feels like it's time to wear Summer dresses and all things flowery! Last week I got to thinking I'd like some sort of flowery thing for my hair. But I had the same problem that I face on a regular basis: what I envision in my mind never seems to appear on the shop shelves! So after a bit of a search I decided I'd just have to make it myself. It being a flowery hairband of course.

So I didn't have to go far to get my supplies and it certainly didn't break the bank either. I just popped into a pound-shop euro-saver place picked up some tacky fake flowers and a packet of stretchy headbands and I was good to go! 

If you fancy making one yourself, it's very easy and doesn't take long at all. You could go crazy and buy big massive fake Lilies or whatever you fancy! 

Here's what you need to do....

Supplies needed

  • Fake flowers
  • Stretchy Hairbands
  • Needle 
  • Thread


  • Take the flowers tops that you want off of their stems

  • Then you'll need to take the little plastic bits off the actual flowers (you need to do this so they don't stick in your head and so you can sew them onto the band)

  • This will cause the petals to come undone so now you need to sew them back together so that it looks like a flower once again

  • Once you have that done, you can sew the individual flowers onto the headband

  • Remember that it's a stretchy band so you'll need to sew them close enough together so that there aren't big gaps in between!
  • And ta da! That's it! A lovely flowery hairband!

After I made this one I knew I couldn't keep it. It was so pink that I had to do the right thing and give it to my little niece Belle who is obsessed with the colour. I phoned her after I made it  and after a detailed description she confirmed she would take it. And I'm glad to say she loves it. She got her hands on it about a week ago and has been wearing it everyday since. She even wears it to bed - aw!  She's also commissioned me to make her a dress to match it and another "rainbow" hairband - for her holidays! I don't know what I've started, I feel like I'm dressing the Queen now! Oh well, at least it's good to know the headbands fit 3 year olds as well as fully grown heads. Must get cracking on my orders now, I need to make myself a new one too! 

Have a nice weekend! 


  1. What a cute idea! And so much cheaper than anything you'd find in Topshop.

    1. Thanks Jo! Yeah it's cheap and quick to put together :-)

  2. I love this in your hair Clare, so cute.