Friday, February 24, 2012

A top transformed!

So, I was on the lookout for a new top the other day. I picked one up from a rail; it was cheap,  navy, a plain v neck, so boring looking. And I thought: Perfect! I'll take this one!

You see I was looking for a top that I could transform. Last Summer my Mam told me she brought me something back from a weekend away. She then gave me a little bag and I peeked inside  to glimpse some old fashioned lace. I was like "oh thanks Mam, a giant doily! just what I've always wanted!" She then went on to explain that the doily was in fact a vintage lace collar that ladies used to wear on different dresses/outfits to jazz them up a bit. Finally her gift made sense!

Since then I've been wondering what I'd do with it. Recently I've been going through a bit of a blue phase and decided I needed a navy sweater type top. But I couldn't find anything interesting so I decided to just go buy a boring one and fancy it up with my vintage doily collar that had been resting for the best part of the last year in my sewing box. 


And here is the result! It was really quite easy. I just pinned it first to see how it would line up and it looked ok so I set about sewing it up. I just sewed the top part all around the collar.  I was thinking that because its just a cheapish top from Dunnes it won't last as long as the collar. So when the top has run its course I intend to take the collar off and use it again. Maybe on a dress next time! 


  1. What a beautiful collar! I used to love customising my clothes. There's a thrill in knowing that no-one has a top/skirt/dress like you. A few years ago my Granny gave me a couple of lace collars which she made but I rarely wear them because they're almost too special. I really should wear them though!

    1. Hi Jo, wow she actually made them - that's fab! You should definitely wear them - even just for special occasions! I think they are such a great idea and I'll be keeping an eye out to hopefully find some more!