Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Keep calm and have a cupcake! (or an almond croissant!)

Belated Happy 2012 everyone! I've been slacking in my making and baking of late, but with good reason; I've been swotting up. Yeah, I have spent most of Christmas  and the new year  trying to study and cram for college assignments & presentations (which are now done) and horrible exams, which have only just begun. But I can't go too long without sharing how  to make or bake something, so here's something very simple. How to turn a poster into some wall art!

I've always loved posters, they're great. You get to put up a picture of something you love on your wall, to express yourself and brighten up a dull space. My bedroom walls were covered in posters of random animals, New York, old film stars, ballerinas and the odd footballer  when I was growing up.  But as you get older it can just look a bit daft having stuff blu-tacked to the walls in your sitting room or wherever. So the solution... is to frame them!

I saw this cupcake poster in town one day and loved it, but I didn't buy it straight away because I thought I don't really do posters anymore. Then I got a brainwave on the bus home; that it could look really lovely in a frame! So I bought it, and on my last trip to IKEA I found the perfect  cheap frame to match it. And I now have a lovely kind-of-piece-of-art  for my kitchen. 

And in the midst of exams in particular, it is comforting to just glance at it, take its message on board,  breath and stay calm. Unfortunately I don't have the time to bake cupcakes at the moment. And I don't really like any of the ones in the shops. So today I decided to take a quick break and leg it to M&S and take the advice of my poster. I'm now keeping calm and eating an almond croissant and having a cappuccino! Sugar and a bit of caffeine - great for the studying mind. 

Ah it's the little things in life!  

In case you need some very precise directions to make your own poster wall art, here they are:

1. Find a poster you love
2. Find a frame that goes with it
3. Hang it on a wall (If you're renting and not allowed to make holes in the wall, lean it against one instead!)
4. Ta da!

Good luck with that! Has anyone any other ideas for art or interesting things to frame?  If so I'd love to know.

Okay, now it's back to studying for me. As soon as I'm done, I'll be back with some lovely things to make for the new year. I already have some healthy food stuff in mind. I  also  now have a whole load of new books that  I got as presents for Christmas and my birthday. I love them all so much. My making/baking buzz has obviously created a bit of a theme in the type of books that I received. I can't wait to have time to just sit and read them or even just look at the pictures. Oh and I got my first Mary Berry book, thanks to my own auntie Mary! Only 69 left to collect!! 

 But for the moment I have to just leave all those beautiful books in a nice tempting pile that is so much more appealing than the books I now need to go and  study!


  1. Good luck with the studying. I've always found that sugar helps immensely with fact retention for exams.

    1. Thanks Mise, and yes I'm sure the sugar has to help!