Friday, December 2, 2011

Skirt Update

I did it! Over a year after I first started putting it together I have finally completed my second skirt! And I finished it on time to give to Emer for her birthday. Woohoo!

So, since my last post about this skirt I had a good bit of re-jigging to do. I already had the bones of it done but really needed some guidance to finish it off. I always knew my Mam could sew, so I called over with the skirt to see if she could work some magic on it. First of all she examined it closely and  told me I had done a good job so far. Which I was very pleased with. Then, when I told her I was finishing it so I could give it to Emer for a birthday present she almost had a heart attack. Seems my "good job" was acceptable for me to wear out in public but not to give away as an actual present. 

She kindly went on to point out that the zip didn't close up evenly and that some parts of the skirt weren't lined up. I knew this already. Anyway I think she sensed that she slightly deflated my sewing hopes and quickly told me we could fix it. The thoughts of having to rip it up would have broke my heart and I think she knew that, so we decided the overall skirt didn't really need to be altered. It was mainly the zip issue, which in fairness did look pretty bad. My lovely mother was determined to get it right and I looked on uncomfortably as she took out the stitches. But it was for the best. Within minutes she had the zip lined up and it closed perfectly. She then just put some pins in place. I was left to sew it back together. Which I did later on and I was very happy with the result.

One part of the skirt that I knew would be difficult was the section for the waist, to put in those loop things, so a belt would fit through. Anyway I decided to go with my own designer initiative and leave them out. I thought the skirt would look smoother without them. The fact that it saved me a lot of hassle trying to figure out how to sew them on was also an incentive.

So all that was left to do was to tidy up the slit and take up the helm. I hand stitched each side of the slit.  I should probably mention now that after my consultation with my lovely  mother I was advised not to use the sewing machine! So the finishing of the skirt was done by hand. When I started to take up the helm I did a tiny bit and then went back to my Mam because I was afraid I'd mess it up. Good thing I did. She told me I was actually tacking it when I should have been doing one of those invisible stitches.When I told her I was going to sew the helm with the machine she almost had another heart attack. I quickly rememberd you're not meant to do that. She reminded me that you don't usually see where a helm has been taken up. Of course it all made sense. It's just that its been a long time since my last sewing lesson, a girl can forget these things.

I was curious how my Mam  knew so much about sewing, and anyway it turns out she's really brilliant at it, and even won a make and model your own dress competition when she was younger! I mean there is being modest and then there's just plain old withholding information! 

When the  skirt was complete I was so relieved to finally have it done. It was a bit annoying that I had forgotten most of the basics of sewing but I think once I keep it up I'll eventually remember. And I think my fashion designer hopes may take a while to achieve but after discovering my mothers hidden talents I reckon it could be in the genes, it might just take me a while to catch up with her.

Oh and Emer really did love the skirt, she loved the colour and the style. Here's hoping she doesn't stumble across a magnifying glass and look at it too closely. And it fit her perfectly. I didn't even have to try and measure her discretely. I just made sure it fit me. Now that works out well if I ever want to borrow it! 

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