Monday, November 14, 2011

Dorothy update!

So I have been inundated with requests for updates on my lovely new bike!

Okay, well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but at least four people have enquired about it so I thought an update was in order! First of all she has officially been christened Dorothy. And secondly, well there's not much news apart from that!

I've mainly been cycling in the park, and yesterday I brought Mitzi along for a spin.

I now have to introduce you to Mitzi - the cutest dog on earth! Unfortunately she's not really mine, (I borrowed her from my in-laws) but we do share the same last name now, so we are family. She's my dog-in-law I suppose!

Anyway I couldn't resist putting her in the basket and taking a million pictures of her. She's such a good model. I actually think she preferred sitting in the basket and being cycled around than having to walk herself.  She's the perfect accessory to go with my bike. Now I just have to figure out how to persuade my lovely mother-in-law to let me keep her!

And I was thinking she could also act as a good alarm/guard dog. I read a report recently about bicycles being stolen in the city. So I was thinking if I was going shopping I could just leave her in the basket and if anyone attempted to snatch the bike Mitzi could just raise the alarm with her bark, or bite them or something. But then I realised I have never actually heard  her bark in the ten years or so that she's been alive. And she'd be more likely to try and kiss someone than bite them, so that's that idea gone. I'll just have to get a good lock.


  1. Dorothy is a perfect name. Would you consider flowing skirts and flowers in the basket (no offence to Mitzi, who also suits it divinely)?

  2. Yes Mise I would! I'm actually planning on trying to make a skirt soon! And I think flowers will do nicely for days I can't get hold of Mitzi!!

  3. Hey Clare, nice blog. First of all, Mitzi really is a "cute little thing". I was thinking, maybe,,, in order to confront your pathological fear of the sewing machine, you could make Mitzi a set of doggie booties for the snowy weather. Little red ones for christmas. And of course, tell us all about it in your blog..........

  4. Hi Enda, ha ha good idea! You never know, if they were to turn out well I could start my own dog-clothing fashion label!! I'll keep you posted!