Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lovely New Bike!

Okay, so you can see I didn't make or bake this lovely thing but I am the proud new owner of it! Ah I'm so happy! I feel like all my birthdays & Christmases have come at once! Although really it's just this Christmas & my birthday (which isn't until New Years) that have come early - so this is the best present ever!

I have wanted a bicycle for quite a while. The last one I got was for my eleventh birthday and it seemed to last forever. Good thing I never grew any taller. (I was a tall eleven year old!) Anyway it was only when I went looking for the bike a few years ago in my parents shed that they broke the news to me; my dad had thrown it out along with an old lawnmower!

So I eventually got over that heartbreaking news and have since been on the lookout for a new one. I knew I wanted an old style one & the most important thing was that it came with a basket and a bell. I wasn't too worried about brakes or anything like that. Then I came across Pashley bicycles online and kinda fell in love with them - so cute and old fashioned- just what I had dreamed of  and I  love the Brooks saddle.

Just before my wedding I went off the idea of getting a bike altogether as I didn't fancy getting knocked over and having to walk up the aisle with one or more  of my limbs in a cast. But now I am free to fall off and scrape my knees or  break whatever!  That reminds me I must go buy a helmet!!

All that's left now is to name her! I was thinking 'Pash' but that's not very exciting. Any suggestions?


  1. Hey Clare,

    Loving your blog! I got a little overexcited and ended up making a noticeboard out of cupcakes. I cant wait to see what you do next!

    P.S. You should name your bike "Lancelot"

  2. Thanks Ste! Ha ha - it sounds like you should be supervised during your attempts to make lovely things!!

    Lancelot could be a good one! Hmmm I'll think about that :-)

  3. Clare your new bike is so lovely!!
    I think you should call her 'alcatraz'
    Rach thought 'dorethy'
    I love your blog ... Your amazing :)

  4. Thank you Lisy - you're a sweetie!

    Alcatraz is a very interesting suggestion -well done you! But I actually think Dorothy could be a winner! Yep I'm almost 100% going for Dorothy! Woohoo go Rach & her suggestions!

  5. A Pashley Sovereign, how lovely. I have a Pashley Princess -the same thing but without the luggage rack and lights. I just call her my Princess but Dorothy seems like an excellent name.

  6. Hi Sue, ooh the Princess is really nice! They really are great bikes aren't they?! Dorothy is going good!